Maisie and Beth in: Hot, Gagged Up Lady Adventurers Ungallantly

Tanned, totally gorgeous blondes Agent Rain & Bennett are back in town, naked, booted, showcasing their considerable wares and poking their nosey little noses in up at the Old SoundsFamiliar Place. Now, as ever, they are just begging to get snatched, and they do, without too much delay. But first, creeping around, highly edible bums poked out, deliciously, the babes are nabbed one by one, handgagged, struggling hugely, but overpowered with the usual brute and spirited away.They come around gagged and bound in an office that looks strangely familiar to them… And maybe to you? Their hots mouths are gagged with thick, very tight cloth strips, their booted ankles crossed and bound, wrists similarly restrained behind their backs. Helpless indeed, they shift around on the cold wooden floor, gag talking passionately. We cannot understand a damned word of it, and that’s a great thing, right? After more of this very sexy wriggling and mmmmpppphhhhing, our decommissioned babes are felt up with relish by the returning bad guy. He seems to be having a lot of fun with them, and the girls, with truly electrifying body pops and twists, will ensure that you do too. Now they are writhing, face down on the floor, gags biting hard into their bulging cheeks. With their elbows also trussed painfully, their movements are closed down even further. And things are about to go south in a when that rotter comes back. Tanned, perfect, tied legs bent back behind them, the captive ladies are stripped of their kinky boots and bound into hard hogties, barefoot. Wrinkling arches, toes pointing, buttocks swishing, the veins popping out on their necks as they strain mightily at their bonds.. And now they’ve been unbooted, we get to enjoy their hopeless fury at being barefoot. Apparently they have little issue with having no clothes on save for their booties. However, they are now even more exposed and we get to sit back and in every moment of their wicked and very much undesired captivity. The gag talk continues with many a flourish, those amazing, succulent rumps continue to thrust upwards and outwards, and the girls genuinely struggle with the sheer tightness of it all.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:03
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 1900kbps
Audio: 117kbps

File size: 30.3 MB

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