Lylah Ryder-Oh NO! What have I got myself into!

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

There is a new divorced man living in the neighborhood and a few of the ladies have taken notice. One lady came over and brought him a casserole. Another, something else good to eat. Then a Lylah shows up and it appears she has nothing. But she is dressed very sexy in a short tight dress. She explains to the man that she knows the other ladies have brought him dinner. She goes on to say that she is the naughty neighbor and brought herself as his dessert. She thing brings out some rope and tells the man that she is also the "Kinky" neighbor and wants him to tie her up. When you have recently become single and a pretty, sexy and curvy blond lady shows up at your house and then asks you to tie her up, you just don’t pass something like that up! So the next thing she knew, Lylah found herself tied up tight on his sofa. She figured from here, the man would take advantage of her helplessness and pull her pantyhose down for some real fun. When he told her to open her mouth, she got a bit excited at the thought of what he was going to shove in there and did what he asked. But much to her surprise, the man stuffed her mouth with panties and tied a rag between her teeth to gag her. Lylah tried to protest. But the gag didn’t allow her to say anything the man could understand. He then brought out more rope and tied her elbows and arms behind her back. Lylah was now bound and gagged painfully tight. She started to think to herself "Oh my God! What have I got myself into!" She thought she was pretty kinky. But this guy definitely was into this and she wondered what was coming next. When he pulled her big boobs out of her dress, she started to think things were going to get better. But then he put her on the floor, face down and hogtied her. Now she could hardly move. All of a sudden, someone knocked at the door. She watched and listened as the man answered. She heard him talking to one of the MILF’s who lived down the street. When she heard her tell him that she brought him a dessert, Lylah tried to protest through the gag "No fucking way! I have gone through an awful lot of pain to become this man’s dessert for the night! You go home to your husband, bitch!"

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