Locked in metal stocks for Mike

Release Year: 2019

Mike can struggle all he like, but he’s now held in place by cold hard metal, and a pair of padlocks. There’s no escape as I stroll over and unceremoniously lower my naked arse over his horrified face, demanding he gets his tongue up my hole. Whenever Mike’s licking slacks off, I completely suffocate him in my hairy crack, until he’s bright red and panting, but finally giving me a decent rimjob.

Dave has his own plan for this exposed, helpless straight fuckhead – and it includes a whole lot of mindfucking. The sounds of Nine Inch Nails echo through the room as Dave pushes his rigid cock up against Mike’s twitching sphincter and pushes it inside. Dave takes Mike’s anal virginity to the strains of Mike’s favourite song… and his agonised screams and groans as his arse is torn apart. We just laugh and keep pleasuring ourselves as Mike, trapped under a mass of male flesh, writhes in misery on the floor.

We take off the stocks to make Mike serve us in other positions. I lie comfortably on the floor as Dave orders Mike to mount my hardon and squat up and down on it, doing all the work to get me off. Mike’s only reward for his strained efforts is a mouthful of arse, which Dave makes him eat nonstop, pulling his head right into the crack to make him lick it properly. His mouth full of sweaty bum juice, and his arse stuffed to the brim with my penis, as his thighs burn and tremble, Mike is truly in hell.

But there’s worse to come for the traumatised straight cunt. Dave slaps his mouth open and unleashes a torrent of piss right down his throat, pausing only to make the fucker swallow it down. Choking and spluttering, Mike’s face contorts in horror as he gulps down the piss, before Dave makes him lick the cock clean and then give him a decent blowjob. Mike sucks Dave’s cock, wincing in disgust, but has no choice but to let himself be facefucked, the slimy cock filling his gullet and making him gag and retch.

Soon, Dave demands a gaping wide open mouth and shoots a thick wad of cum onto Mike’s reluctant tongue, after which I drag him up and empty my own balls into his red, unhappy face. Not only has Mike been made to down all our piss and spunk, but he’s had his favourite song permanently associated with the whole humiliating, painful sexual ordeal.

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Duration: 16:47
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