Lesbian Fetishists – Jenna Rotten and Camilla Casanova

Release Year: 2016
Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Is this how stocking fetishes are born?

"i’m so glad we are getting dressed up together!" domina jenna rotten enjoys the excuse to caress and fondle mistress camilla casanova’s incredible long legs.

"there is something deeply erotic about putting on pantyhose. It is like the leg is penetrating the stockings." mistress jenna enjoys getting even closer, "mistress casanova’s legs are so soft, especially when you get towards the top of her thighs and groin."

"i bet you wish that you were helping her. The guys out there are all jealous that i’m the one putting on your stockings. This is your job, boys. Why aren’t you doing it? Where are you when we need you to help us get dressed?" mistress jenna finishes clipping mistress casanova’s garters in place before showing camilla how to help her into seamed cuban heel thigh highs.

"i know you guys at home like to watch me teaching a younger woman how to be more dominant. I love how this little girl tramples all over you men, but still treats me like a queen." jenna always enjoys being pampered, but being served by another dominant bisexual woman is a special treat.

"i love the power that good lingerie gives us!" mistress casanova can’t stop touching herself once she is encased in nylon. She glows with pleasure and reminds our femdoms in the audience of a powerful, feminist question: "how will we ever gain the respect and admiration of men if we first don’t give it to each other?"

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Duration: 10:54
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