Lazy Housewife Summer Disciplined – Scene 2 – HD 720p

Her Husband has a surprise for Summer…Rubber Bands! He slips them over her tits, until they are bulging out from the base. Summer winces as they are applied. He does to as a few of them break and snap as they are going on. That’s OK, He has an entire bag of them! He grabs another bundle of rope and continues rigging her up. It doesn’t take long before he orders her to stand on 2 paint cans as he ties her elbow ropes off overhead. With Summer standing with her legs spread, he smacks her ass hard several times, before whipping her 5 or 6 times again with the belt. He grabs and pinches her bound tits before adding a few very tight green clamps. He ties a rope into her hair, before he kicks the paint cans out from under her feet. Summer is now hanging by her elbows. He spins her around and enjoys the view and his handy work before he walks away. Summer does her best to adjust and manages to barely get the toes of her boots on the floor, for just a little relief. It’s not long before Summer’s husband returns. He cleave gags her with an ace bandage. He then uses the rope that was already tied to her ankles and ties it off and out to the sides. That little bit of relief is now gone! She moans and struggles about in mid air. He’s not done with her yet though. He adds a crotchrope and ties it up and out very tight. Her head is pulled back and tied off using the rope tied in her hair. This tightens up the thick leather collar that she’s still wearing. He walks away, leaving poor Summer to dangle, but he soon returns. He must have been looking for more of those nasty green clamps, because when her returns, he puts 2 more on each of her tits. He smacks her ass another 5 or 6 times, before He cuts off her skirt and looks over his work. Hmmm… could be a little tighter. He does this by raising the hoist that her crotchrope is connected to. It’s extremely tight now! Summer is now left to hang, suffer, and endure, the excruciatingly tight bondage. At the end of the clip, he returns. He removes the clamps and then gropes her still bound tits. He starts squeezing her sore nipples as Summer thrashes and screams. He removes the gag and it seems that her attitude is much better. He decides to go get a beverage and think about whether he should release her. He walks off as Summer remains hanging…

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 38:08
Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9, 5956kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 1.7 GB