Kittie-All tied up! Go ahead and fuck me! I wont tell anyone!

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Kittie took a man up to her hotel room thinking he and she were going to have some fun. When they got up there, he made her get on her knees and face the wall. All of a sudden, the man started to tie her up and this caught Kittie by complete surprise. After he had her trussed up tight, the man stuffed and tied a gag in her mouth and now Kittie was very scared. But then something really strange happened. Finding herself tightly bound and gagged while being robbed started to get Kittie very turned on. And as the man wound more rope around her arms, even he started to notice the change in her manners. He watched as she squirmed, but made no attempt to get loose from the rope. She was also making noise through the gag. But there was no hiding it, she was moaning with pleasure and making no attempt to cry out for help. Later, the man came back and tied a crotch rope tightly between her legs. "Oh My GOD!" Kittie thought to herself and could not believe how turned on she was. She tugged on the rope tied up her pussy and things started to get even better. She knew it would be only a matter of time until she had an orgasm. But that was only a temporary solution for her problem. She wanted the man to take advantage of her bound gagged and helpless body. A short time later, it seemed that Kittie was going to get what she wanted. The man came back and told her he wanted to remove the crotch rope so he could pull down her panties. Kittie made no attempt to protest. In fact if she wasn’t gagged she would tell him, "Go ahead! Fuck Me! I wont tell anyone anything about this!"

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