Kissie Expelled From School Part 2

Video language: English

Mr. Hyde is unable to find another school to take on Kissie and as a result he has no option but to home school her himself. Kissie on the other hand has her own little agenda and decides to behave like a silly little girl whilst Mr Hyde tries to start the lesson. Within minutes he has her bent over the table, spanking her and giving her a firm telling off. Kissie argues back saying that she refuses to behave herself but he knows a nice severe punishment with his hand and the cane should do the trick. After a long hard hand spanking, Kissies petit round cheeks are left tingling and burning. She has no idea how she could possibly take 20 strokes of the cane as well. Mr Hydes message is received loud and clear as she yelps and cries out after each stroke, thanking him each time before he raises the cane yet again. When the punishment is complete, she is ordered to pull up her panties and engage in her first lesson.

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