Kept Boy – Part 7

A month ago, Dirk was brutally tortured for several days, the front and back of his firm body covered with deep, red whip wounds. We tortured him at the request of his master and, in return, were allowed to use Dirk as we pleased for the rest of the month. So, for the last four weeks, Dirk has been a fuck boy, his ass and mouth used by scores of men. We’ve kept his body hairless, as a sign of his slave status, but we haven’t tortured him – until today. Today he is laid on the cold dungeon floor, naked, arms spread wide and strapped to a wood beam, ankles cuffed together. His brutalized skin has had time to recover, although a few fading welts are still visible. He’s hauled up onto his tiptoes, crucifixion-style. Then Jared enters with a cattle prod and a pocket full of clothespins. After being repeatedly shocked and crucified for hours, Dirk’s cock, balls and nipples are covered with pins until he literally trembles in agony.

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