Kept Boy – Part 6

Beautiful, lean college boy Dirk hangs upside-down in the dungeon, completely naked, spread-eagled like a sow about to be gutted. The first blow of the single-tail whip cuts into his chest, just above the ribcage. Dirk can’t believe the pain. Many more lashes follow, leaving the boy’s creamy, white skin from neck to cock sliced with brutal, deep-red welts. Jared rubs the fresh wounds, sending Dirk into new spasms of pain. Jared is such a sadist he re-whips the same spots twice or even three times, then sprays the wounds with alcohol. But there’s more: Jared repeatedly fucks the inverted boy’s virginal asshole with a tapered, rigid dildo and attaches an extra-strong glue-clamp to the end of his cock. Then he gives Dirk the news: He will spend the night hanging upside-down, fucked and clamped, in pain. Dirk must learn: He is a slave who exists to please his master, to suffer and to serve.

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