Juliettes Exhibition II – Part 2 of 3

Next he brings over a panel gag and begins to strap it over her head. Finally, he brings over a heavy leather collar and secures it tightly around Juliette’s neck.He then takes her hands and pulls them over her head and back down causing her to arch her back. He pulls them down and secures them tightly to the back of the chair. The man brings over a pair of nipple suckers. He shows them to the audience and then to Juliette. He toys with Juliette’s nipple. She moans and he places it over her nipple. He twists the top of the sucker. She takes a deep breath as her nipple elongates in the sucker. She starts to scream as her nipple is stretched. He does it also with the second nipple sucker.The man leaves the scene then returns with a bamboo cane. He stands beside her and begins to stroke Juliette’s breasts with it. Suddenly the man strikes her breast. Juliette convulses and screams loudly. She writhes and twists as the man continues to strike her breast. After a couple of strokes, the man grabs Juliette’s elbow and holds it to keep her from twisting so much as he strikes her chest.

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