Juliette Auctioned – Scene 2 – Full HD 1080p

He places the nipplesuckers on her nipples. Then he brings over a bamboo cane. He walks behind her and takes the vibrator control. The man turns on the vibrator and turns also on the bullet vibrator. Now the man strikes her with the cane. He strikes her constantly now, all over her body. He walks around behind her and strikes her hips and buttocks. Juliette struggling against the orgasm and the pain while the man strikes her. Finally, she has a screaming orgasm, heaving and panting as she does. Sweat glistens on her body. The man stops the caning, turns off the bullet vibrator and the butt plug vibrator. He leaves the scene to let her calm down. When he returns, he has a pair of black nipple ring clamps connected by a chain that he shows to Juliette. She again shakes her head. The man removes the nipple suckers and attaches the new nipple clamps. Now Juliette shall have her final orgasm before she is auctioned off and he turns on the bullet vibrator and the dildo vibrator and then the butt plug vibrator. Juliette begins to moan and scream. She writhes and twists on the platform as the orgasm builds in her body. She screams loudly while the orgasm. The man turns off both the vibrators and now the silent auction starts. After several minutes the man re-enters the room. The auction is over. He removes the ball gag and Juliette has to speak with her new master. Thereafter he gags her again.

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