Josh Fucks Brody

Josh Fucks Brody

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Description: Being the Dean’s List’s “Upstart”, Josh seemed more than ready to get into some hot action with Brody, a newcomer to CF.

Granted, Brody’s no stranger to hot guy/guy action! We’ve seen him get fucked here before, and he’s looked great while doing it!

He obviously discovered that he likes the feeling of a hard dick in his ass, and I knew Josh could treat him to precisely that and it would all make for some great action! That was certainly the case here, as these two hot young men got into it! Though we’ve seen Josh take getting fucked like a champ, we also know he’s capable of being quite a hot top! That was made clear in his first guy/guy action, when he literally fucked a huge load out of Travis! With that big, thick dick of his it’s only fitting he’s able to deliver a hot fuck just as well as he takes one in that great ass. Josh really does his utmost to get Brody as turned on as possible here!

He literally worships Brody’s body as things start, and has Brody moaning in approval! Josh swallows every single inch of Brody’s cock while sucking it, looking up at Brody so the two can lock eyes while he’s working over his dick.

Josh truly looked like he just couldn’t get enough of sucking on Brody’s dick, and Brody certainly wasn’t complaining! Indeed, it all just made Brody more than eager to return the favor, and he soon has Josh’s cock in his mouth while he works it over with his lips and tongue. Just as Josh had done, Brody does his best to get as much of Josh’s cock down his throat as possible, while stroking on his own hard dick. Josh thrusts his hips forward, pumping his cock into Brody’s mouth, and occasionally pulls it out to let Brody lick the shaft. If Josh’s pumping Brody’s mouth is an indicator of how hot the fucking that’s to follow will be, we know we’re in for some hot stuff! That comes quickly, as Josh gets Brody bent in half so he can bury his tongue in his hole, eating him out good and deep before Brody ends up lowering himself on to Josh’s dick.

The visual is quite stunning here – Brody’s tight, lean frame impaled on Josh’s thick, meaty dick! Josh lets Brody work his hips up and down and fuck himself on that cock before he starts to then thrust up into Brody, fucking him as deep as he can. This whole time, Brody’s cock is as hard as can be!

Josh then gets Brody bent over on the bed and starts to fuck him doggystyle, Brody still hard and loving it as inch after inch of Josh’s cock plunge into his hole. It’s while on his side, Josh pumping him from behind, that Brody finally goes over the edge. As Josh quickens the pace of his thrusts, Brody starts to blast a huge load out all over the place! Josh then straddles Brody’s chest, his hard dick pointed right at Brody’s mouth as he jerks himself off. “Give it to me”, Brody moans, before Josh fires off a massive load right into Brody’s mouth!

It’s all Brody can do to swallow and moan before sucking the last drops of cum out of Josh’s cock!

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