Jewel In The Rough part 2

Cheyenne sits in the cage mid-air as Ogre enters to put her through her paces. Now, Cheyenne’s been her a number of times, but with has never been treated with such intensity. Once she’s got her feet firmly planted on the ground, Ogre’s plans for her unfold before our eyes. He begins by tying her pussy and nipples off to the cage bars, restricting her movement and sending shockwaves of pain through her flesh. After he warms her up even further with the whip, he guides her through a maze of intense pain. Cheyenne is Ogre’s bitch today and that will become more apparent as this session unfolds. She will become intimately familiar with her cage as she is spread, bent and splayed atop it. Meanwhile, Ogre pulls out all the stops as he pushes Cheyenne towards the point of no return..

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