James Part 2

The only thing better than a muscular stud handcuffed and duct-taped to a wooden bench is a muscular stud handcuffed, duct-taped and mummy-wrapped to a wooden bench. We have wrapped James from head-to-ankles with clear plastic, just enough to meld him to the bench and still see ever inch of his smooth body. Of course, the one area we leave unwrapped is his cock and upper thighs, so we have something to play with. Even his face is completely covered, accept for his nose, to allow airflow to the lungs, since his mouth is both taped and wrapped in plastic. We keep him in a state of near constant sexual arousal, either hard or semi-hard. Being total sadists, we aren’t happy just enjoying such a hot body and playing with such a gorgeous cock. We want pain! So we get out our razor-sharp pinwheel and attack his inner-thighs and his entire cock – even the super sensitive tip. We even pinwheel the soles of his feet.

Format: mp4
Duration: 14:48
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