Jaime Part 8

A muscular young Latin stud is tightly roped to an upright wooden platform chained to the ceiling. He struggles against the tight bonds, moaning through a double-tape gag, but he is completely helpless, unable to resist when rope man Matt appears to play with his fat, uncut cock. Matt gets the thing semi-erect, the head just popping out of its hood, before he starts whipping the stud’s abs, right above the multiple ropes holding his rock-hard lower stomach to the bench. Matt rotates from ab-whipping, to muscle-stroking to cock-fondling. He loves his big, macho, totally smooth, beautifully tanned jock. Then, he gets out his nasty little pinwheel and rolls its all over Jamie’s hard bod – across his pecs and nipples, just above the ropes that bind his stomach, back and forth over his close-cropped pubes, and finally up and down his big cock. Jamie looks on in horror, moaning through his gag. He will spend the night like this, roped and helpless, alone in his cell.

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Duration: 15:43
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