Jaime Part 7

Jamie’s worst nightmare is about to become reality: He is being forced to fuck himself! He is roped to a strange device – they call it a “boy-seat” – that is essentially a kneeling bench with a large steel dildo protruding from it. With his ankles roped to the side of the “seat,” his ass hole is positioned directly about the steel shaft with a ball of steel on the end of it. Now he is about to find out how it works. Rope man Matt wraps twine around the base of his cock and balls and fishes the ends through an eye hook. Pulling on the twine forces Jamie to lower himself onto the ball – fucking himself. Matt does this repeatedly, fucking his slaves very tender asshole with the steel ball over and over again. With his chest tightly wraped, his legs spread wide over the seat and his wrists tied to his neck, this big, butch man can do nothing but submit to the ultimate humiliation: Being painfully butt fucked by his own movements.

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