Jaime Part 6

Jamie has been dreading this moment since he was first tied down on his hands and knees, his ass up in the air, totally vulnerable. He knew all along he would be fucked, but when it actually is about to happen he shudders with fear and loathing. “No, no,” Jamie begs as Matt fingers his virgin hole with a well-lubed index finger. He can’t lean forward to avoid the penetration because his master has tied his cock and balls to the bench, forcing his ass to remain high, cheeks spread wide. Matt shoves in two fingers. Jamie screams when Matt pulls out his fingers and inserts a massive black dildo, slowly forcing it in deeper and deeper. Jamie can’t believe what is happening, but he takes it like a man. After dildo-fucking his slave for an hour, Matt replaces the dildo with a nasty butt-plug, holding it in place with rope. This stud is now officially a fuck slave.

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