Jaime Part 4

Jamie looks amazing on his knees and elbows, ass up in the air, wrists bound together, legs spread, roped at the knees and ankles to a padded bench. His V-shaped back and bulbous butt, spread wide, are perfectly displayed. He has the body of a young soldier, well muscled and strong, yet lean and fast. Rope man Matt can’t keep his hands off the stud, caressing every inch of his helpless body. Now it’s time to make this military man really stuffer. Matt starts with his open hand, smacking those firm ass muscles hard. Jamie fights and yells, more out of humiliation than agony. Matt switches to a nasty little flogger, making Jaime scream and moan and thrash against his ropes, now in real pain. Then Matt gets out the big flogger. The only thing better than this man’s screams of anguish is watching his amazing muscles dance.

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