Jaime Part 2

Jaime’s nipples are throbbing from the spring-loaded, hard-plastic clamps that have been digging into them for hours. His muscular legs ache from being bent back awkwardly. His back muscles are starting to spasm. And there is no relief in site. Matt ties his new macho man’s chest with a tight rope harness, straining his fit body even more. Jaime moans, drooling through his ball gag. He hasn’t seen light in days. His mind races, wondering what his captor will do next. After stroking his stud’s firmly bound body, Matt cuts off his briefs. Out pops a massive, uncut cock – a thing of real beauty. A few strokes and it nearly doubles in size, the head popping-out from its protective sheath, semi-erect. When the head shrinks back under the foreskin, Matt snaps on a hard-plastic clamp that is even nastier than the two digging into his stud’s nipples.

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