Italian Beauty – Luca – Scene 9 – HD 720p

Luca is terrified, lying on his back on the floor, bound to a wooden cross with leather straps. “Why?” he moans in broken English. But he knows why: These men are torturing him because of his beauty, not to punish him for any crime, but because they are sexually aroused by watching his fit, young body pulled apart in agony. It takes less than a minute for the electric winch to lift him into place and only a minute longer for Luca to realize the power of the cross. He spent his in a church looking up at a muscular, young Jesus suffering on a cross. He always thought the pain was due to the nails, but now he knows the real agony of crucifixion: His own body’s weight pulling on every tendon, joint and muscle. He fights the agony at first, but soon succumbs, moaning in nonstop anguish. Next week: Crucified, then cums.

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