Italian Beauty – Luca – Scene 6 – HD 720p

Luca wakes the next morning in the same room, still naked, but now he is stretched out and chained on a long, wooden platform. After a few minutes he realizes: it’s a rack! He’s alone for hours until Jared returns. “You ready for round two, Luca?” Jared asks. “I want you to get hard for me,” the young master adds, stroking the boy’s uncut cock. Luca tries to concentrate, tries to make himself get hard – and he’s somewhat successful, doubling his cock in size. He wants to please this man and avoid further pain. But Jared isn’t pleased – he wants an instant, raging hard-on – so he cranks the rack, stretching Luca’s lean, hairless body painfully, if only moderately. “Why? Why?” Luca cries. Then Jared returns – with the single-tail whip. Luca’s new day of pain has just begun. Next week: A real stretch.

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Duration: 20:28
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