Insex – Tyler Anniversary

Tyler’s arms will be bound behind her, elbows together, wrists crossed. Toes will be bound and attached to the floor. A red ball gag will be stuffed in her mouth tighter than she has ever had it. She will have 30 min. to escape. After 10 min, clothes pins will be put on each nipple. We all know how sensitive Tyler’s big nipples are and for these to be on for the rest of the scene will be pure pain for our little bondage captive. Every min past 10 a new clothespin will be applied, with a string attached for a scene ending ZIPPER if Tyler can not free herself!

Tyler will now be butt naked, and severely hog-tied on a platform for your pleasure. PD will use three ropes and cord to put Tyler in the tightest hog-tie of her life! Her hair will be pulled back and the arch in her back will be painfully grueling to handle. The dental gag will be used, and she will have 20mins to free herself. Did we mention the electrified cunt bullet? Tyler will be wired for pain! After the 10 min mark, Tyler will be shocked, and every min after. Each minute the shock will last a little longer. Until the 20th minute, when the shock will be repeated over and over for the whole minute. Tyler will scream and writhe in pain, as she tries desperately to escape. Will she? The screams, the tears, the frantic struggling, how could you miss this one?

Tyler’s arms will once again be tied behind her, she will be stark naked, straddling one copper tube! Suction will be applied to her nipples. (Set up for the next scene) The tube will be hard wired for electric shock! Tyler’s cute shaved pussy will be only centimeters away from the pain; the only thing preventing her from the horrifying shock will be her ability to stand on her toes! Her ankles will be tied to a spreader bar under the rail so there will be no escape. The scene will last 20 minutes. As Tyler’s calf muscles give out she will be repeatedly shocked in her most tender region. Ladies and Gentlemen, Tyler’s muscles WILL tire. She will be shocked, she will scream for mercy, she will beg for it to stop, but there will be no quarter given! She will have to endure the entire 20min, unless she can escape, which we all know she will frantically try to do. Poor Tyler, Happy us! I almost forgot there will be no gag for this scene and her hair will be pulled back so we can see the tears and agony on her cute innocent young face!

The final scene will be Tyler’s worst nightmare come to life! She will be tied in a sitting position with arms tied behind her and her legs spread wide. The device she will be sitting on will give full access to her wet shaved pussy. One of the black dildos will be locked into her pussy with an inch for movement. The Ring gag will be utilized. A bar will be placed horizontal to the floor, level with her nipples. Remember the suction we place on her sensitive nipples? Now we tie cords around each nipple, and put a weight on each one then hang it over the bar. Tyler’s worst torture, nipple torture! Her sensitive nipple will be pulled straight out from her body. This scene will be 30 minutes! Every minute a weight will be added to each nipple! How long will she be able to endure the pain, how long can she last? Now here is the kicker: The scene last 30 minutes right? Right, but she can stop the nipple torture at any time, but, however many minutes are left PD will vibrate her sensitive clit at full power with no mercy!!! If you saw Tyler’s 12-hour life feed you know how devastating this is to her. Tyler will cum, then the vibrating will be more than she can endure! She will hump and move her hips to try to escape the vibrating attack on her clit. She will scream and beg for it to stop. The only thing this will accomplish will be her fucking herself silly on the dildo she is impaled on.

Release: 2001

Size: 96.9 Mb

File size: 96.9 MB