InfernalRestraints – Creep Charnel

The coyotes will have a feast; her valiva runs thick and copiously.

I am beside myself with this whore. She cringes at my attentions yet her body pulses, reaching out for more. This is the ultimate state and the final betrayal. Her mind and sense of self have hopelessly failed.

I readied her with a tight clam tie and placed her in the middle of the mattress. Implements of penetration surround the altar. Letting her stew for a couple hours will afford her the opportunity to amuse herself by imagining how they all will be used.

It was time for the trail. Blindfolded and guided by the rope cleaving her cunt she is yanked up the hill. Every step is a fright and her soles are jabbed by stubble and shale. Arriving at the grotto I bind her to a tree. Her skull hole is stuffed with two shop rags and sealed with packing tape. For added measure her jaw is sealed shut with a wrap over the top of her head. Her screams will barely be audible over the caw of the crows.

The crows are announcing a new arrival; the feast is at hand. Lets begin with some crimson life essence drawn as the whine of the mosquito fades in an out about her head.

In the barn, Sierra is put on a mattress covered with a black plastic cover. She’s bound with her hands on her back and her feet pulled towards her neck, exposing her pussy. Mr Pogo, the dildo-on-a-stick, is used to fuck her cunt, after which she has to suck some cock and gets fucked from behind. Then, she’s let to simmer for a bit with a hood on and a red ball gag in her mouth. After some fingering and vibrating action, she’s taken out of the barn and into the woods. Naked and exposed she’s first tied to a tree, and later to a stockade made from logs of wood. She receives a caning on her ass, and then it turned over, tied to the contraption with a hood on and a crotch rope running tight between her legs. All she has to do is wait for the bugs and the coyotes…

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