In The Zone

Description: This is the biggest and most ambitious movie ever from Wolfgang Bang, the award-winning director of Fisting Ranch Hands and the HandPacked trilogy from Club Inferno, among other films. He has assembled a big cast in more sense than one and taken them on wild sex-ride at the legendary Zone sex club in Hollywood.

The sex is edgy and kinky, but not as extreme as in many other of his films. The action is full of fucking, sucking, dildo play, bondage and even some flogging. This is what real man sex is all about.

The movie takes place during one of the leather nights at the Zone, and in the first scene, we see the ever cock-hungry Dominik Rider sucking a massive, gorgeous uncut cock in a glory hole. He does a fine job and gets a nice juicy load as a reward for his efforts. If you think the cock looks familiar, it is because it belongs to porn legend Max Grand, who chose to come back and make this one final appearance in porn before returning to his civilian life.

Next we encounter Josh West licking his own massive man meat while super stud Park Wiley watches and rams a fat dildo in and out of his ass. Eventually he just can’t hold back anymore and comes over to eat Josh’s luscious hairy ass and suck on his huge cock. They decide to move to another spot to have more space and start 69ing each other. Park Wiley’s throat must be one of the widest in the porn business as he is able to deepthroat Josh all the way! This is of course just a prelude to the serious pounding that Park then gets.

Insatiable Dominik Rider spots them and strokes himself while watching them going at it like wild animals. He joins in on the action as Park shows that he can dish out as well as he can take it when he pounds Dominik’s willing ass Josh West can’t hold his load any longer and shoots it over Dominik before heading off to leave Park and Dominik to finish up on their own.

Lots of hot porn stars are cruising the club and Bryce Pierce chains his slaveboy, newcomer Finn Daniels, to a railing with his face muffled by a leather mask to prevent him from sucking any cocks until master Bryce wants him to. As Bryce goes off cruising for others to rough up, the hugely hung and gorgeous Enrique Currero sees Finn and starts teasing him with his huge dick. Finn can’t resist and Enrique removes the muffle so that Finn can suck his cock, while still being restrained. The then proceeds to eating his ass out like it was the last meal he’d ever get before fucking him as deep as he can take it. This is real hot man-sex at its best. Deciding he wants to find a position to fuck him even better, he unties him and leads him up the stairs on a leash.

Meanwhile, Bryce has tied up Cole Ryder and is giving him a serious flogging. Cole is moaning loudly with both pain and pleasure. As Enrique enters with Finn, he starts fucking him right next to Bryce, who moves over to choke his boy while he is getting fucked. Cole Ryder is getting harder and harder watching the hot action while still being tied up and unable to even touch himself. Bryce finally lets him down and allows him to join the action. After they all shoot their loads the wander off in different directions inside the club.

Knowing that everyone eventually have to take a piss, Xander Lockwood ties up his boy, David Madrid, to the urinal. Within moments he gets soaked in piss by every hot man in the club and he is clearly loving it. Any Watersports fan can only dream of getting this much piss in such a short time. (NOTE: This scene is only included on the Director’s Cut edition.)

Paul Stag is sitting on a couch stroking his 10-incher as 9 1/2-incher Cuba is going down on Jackson Lawless next to him. It doesn’t take Jackson long to spot Paul huge, uncut cock and he leans over and starts blowing him. Cuba teases his ass with his huge cock and ends up shooting a huge load all over him. Paul then continues to fuck the hell out of Jackson the way only can! Once getting off and shooting his load, he gets out a big dildo and pounds away at Jackson’s ass who eventually have to shoot his tasty juice as well, which Paul immediately starts eating.

Christian Volt is a big fan of Cole Ryder’s and is cruising the club with the dildo that is molded from Cole’s cock in his hand. He can’t believe his luck when he encounters Cole and gets to be fucked by the real thing! After a good pounding, Christian turns the tables and lets Cole feel what his own cock feels like for the first time.

Aron Ridge, who is one of the biggest studs in the business watch them go at for a while before he decides to take over and give Cole his rock-hard cock. Christian backs up on the dildo and jerks himself off while watching Aron fuck Cole like there is no tomorrow. In the end, both Aron and Cole have huge orgasms as the night (or at least the movie) comes to an end.

Format: wmv
Duration: 01:52:42

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