Hitchin’ Hillbilly – Helena and OT

Helena pays the ultimate price for partying too hard! Don’t get sotted at a party and wander off into someone’s wooded property. That’s what I did. When I started to wake up the next morning I could feel myself being carried. I thought maybe I was in a car going home from the party. When I felt my neck being locked to the top of a post I started to wake up more. I was on my feet and I was bent over. I thought I knew what he wanted to do with me. It’s what all men want from me. I wouldn’t have minded a little in and out right then, but that’s not what he had planned. His hands roamed over my body. The perv wanted to put his toys inside me. He wanted to spank me and make me cry. I should never have gone to the party. Helena is lost consciousness in a field up after a night of sotted partying. O.T. finds her laying on the ground. He carries her home and locks her standing upright bent over, her neck collared to a post. On one of her two feet, she must stand on her toes because she has lost one of her high heels. She begs to be released, and he gags her with a cloth and a large cable tie. Her dress is removed and she’s further secured to the post in a kneeling position with wrist straps and metal ankle shackles. She’s gagged with a wooden gag and the large cable tie. A hold is torn in her panties to give access to her cunt. O.T. fucks her with a dick-on-a-stick, then wedges it in place and ties the stick to her toes. O.T. then bends her downwards and secures her forearms with leather straps with her ass up high. He cuts her panties away and attaches clamps to her nipples. Her nipples are then tied off to the post. He fingers her ass and pussy, then fucks her ass with the dick-on-a-stick. In the final scene Helena is laid on her back, her neck secured with a metal collar and wrists with metal shackles. Her legs are spread with leather straps. Her cunt and asshole are very exposed. Her toes are tied back to further restrict her movement. He fucks her cunt with a metal nJoy Pure Wand, and vibrates her clit.

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Duration: 47:07
Video: 720×404, AVC (H.264)

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