Helplessly Enchanting part 2

I was definitely eager to have my way with Bailey Brooks…We had shot her recently for PerfectSlave and MightyGirlz and she was just awesome…such a hot little body…a beautiful face…a soft and small woman with a wickedly hot pussy…and it doesn’t take long to realize that she’s intelligent, charming and very sexually charged…and she’s quite serious about her bondage fetish..she knows the part because she’s been playing it in her fantasies for a very long time…Right as the ropes go on, her breath quickens and jerks, when fully restrained, it seems that Bailey truly enjoys her own predicament…I dare say she gets off on feeling sorry for herself…Bailey would say that she enjoys the challenge…and that is obvious…proof rests in her very wet, very warm pussy…She has a strong will which allows her to endure quite a lot…and I put it to the test…and I have help…the deviously talented Nikki Nefarious rigs all the off camera ties, including the Lotus hang…days like this are richly rewarding to me, as a Dom…I hope you all enjoy it because Bailey will be back…often.

Format: m4v
Duration: 8:14
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