Heavy Rubber From MDLatex

Release Year: 2020

Here’s another look at the 2mm MDLatex suit on our young model Blake Allen. Blake is rather new to our little club of bondage guys who visit Bind’s jail each year. Our rubber friend HotHardHat is the owner of the suit, who talks about it as he seals Blake into the heavy cocoon. Notice how thick the suit is and how the rubber resists bending and folding. The suit has molded gloves and booties of a slightly less gauge of rubber to allow dexterity. The suit takes a bit of effort to move around in because you need to push against its natural shape. So, to achieve the greatest comfort, lying flat on your back is the way to spend a lot of time in the suit.

This suit might be thicker than 2mm, but I’ve just started learning to judge rubber thickness. There seems to be a growing interest in thick rubber, so as time goes by, we will probably see more straitjackets, sleepsacks and suits made from latex above 1mm.

As you may know, my interest is to be confined in heavy rubber and then bound with metal shackles. This is my favorite scene. With my Texas Catheter I could spend hours and even days like this; back to the womb, protected from the outside world, helpless, and in a constant state of sexual arousal.

As I may have said in the past, I once had a conversation with Fakir Musafar about our mutual attraction to rubber. He told me that occasionally, during his out-of-body experiences, he would try to pass through rubber and was not able to do so. This is the only part of the conversation that I remember. Could it be that wearing rubber somehow contains or encapsulates our spirit or life-? Is this why we feel a special sensation when wearing rubber? Is this why thicker rubber is so attractive? Maybe our attraction to heavy rubber is a spiritual response? This is food for thought.

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