He Wasn’t Here For Robbery

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

I come home from a long day at work and am immediately ambushed by a strong man with a rough hand over mouth as he holds my arms behind my back. He quickly binds my wrists together behind my back and I cry in fear. Then he cleave gags me with a white cloth and as soon as it is knotted, he lifts & carries me over his shoulder. I kick and he throws me down on the couch. I have no idea why he is in my home with piles of rope. I sob into my gag as the bastard continues roping up my arms first crushing my elbows together, then my forearms. He stands me up and I seize the opportunity to knee him in the balls and I get myself to the front door, but before I can escape, he’s behind me pulling me back to the livingroom me down onto my knees. He removes my gag and my eyes widen in fear because I know what he has in mind. He grabs a handful of my hair thrusts his crotch into my mouth a few times, but soon tires of this and shoves a huge rag into my mouth wrapping my head tightly with lots of layers of duct tape. I try to scream, but my sounds are muffled and I look up at him in fear. He throws down more rope and adds a chest harness. Then the creep Steve Villa bends me over the couch ties my crossed ankles together before adding a knotted crotch rope. He finishes off with a super tight hogtie but the last thing he does before he leaves me hogtied and gagged is adjust my crotch rope placing the knot right on my clit. I struggle furiously on the rug rolling around in my bondage trying to loosen it, but nothing budges and I am XXXX to suffer in all the ropes.

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