He Got a Good Deal on Tape – GiGi – Part 1 – HD 720p

I can never pass up a good deal. About a year ago I picked up several cases of tape for pennies on the dollar. I didn’t really need that much, but at that price I couldn’t resist. I finally got tired of tripping over the boxes, so I decided to do something with it. I couldn’t just throw it away. That would negate the good deal and be wasteful. GiGi has been a real PITA lately and I thought that the tape could somehow be used to tame her out of control ways and attitude that she’s had for the past few weeks. The clip starts with GiGi taped to a chair in the dark at the waist, with her legs crossed and taped to the chair legs. Her wrists are also taped behind her back. I was going to need more than tape so I left her while I went to get more supplies. When I return, I turn on the lights and then I walk up behind GiGi and grab her by her hair. I slap and grope her tits for a bit just to let her know that I can do anything I want to her and her ordeal has just begun. I grab a fresh roll of black tape and start adding more to her waist. Once I’ve finished off the roll, I grab several lengths of rope and tie them into her hair pigtail style. I tie the ends to a horizontal bar above her. This should and does minimize her thrashing and excess movement. You can tell by her angry protests and cursing how unladylike and out of control GiGi has become. I remove her ballgag and replace it with another ballgag, but this is a ball of string with a rope through it. I shove it in and tie the rope tightly behind her neck. I run the rope under her chin as well and then around her pigtails as well. She seems to really hate this gag. It seems to be very effective though. I start taping again. By the time I’m done with this round, her entire waist and thighs are taped to the seat of the chair. Although her gag seems to be very effective, I add some clear tape over the top to make it even better. I can barely understand her when she calls me a girl. The next thing I do is cut away a small circle of fabric away from her blouse, exposing her long nipples. They seem to be begging for some bondage, so I noose them and then I tie them up and to her pigtails. I attach another rope to the rope that I used as part of her gag on top her head. I tie the other end back to the post behind her. This tightens up the nipple nooses a bit more and makes her bondage a bit more restrictive as well. I like the looks of this so I take a break and sit back and sip a beverage as I watch GiGi moan and nervously shake her foot… hmmm… maybe we can take advantage of that later.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 18:32
Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9, 5956kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 831.6 MB