Harmony Rose (4805) FuckingMachines

Date: 2012

I miss Harmony Rose. If you don’t know why, watch this archive shoot and witness for yourself just what this stunning girl is made of and how much she can give and how much she can take. Harmony has long retired and so now we have only our memories of taking her to Howard Stern and fucking her every which way we could. Thank god for streaming! Harmony Rose can fuck just about anything and welcomes a challenge – add that to her hot tits, ass and dirty girl nature and she easily makes it into the Fuckingmachines Hall of Fame. Today’s set starts with both linear motors working her pussy and clit getting her to squirt and nearly pull out her hair. Then with the Pussy Camera rigged to The Intruder, we put her pussy to the test with a two dong double vag that has her squirming and cumming all over the floor. Still this is not enough to finish off Harmony so out comes her old favorite – the King Kong dong – a 10inch 5 lbs hunk of pussy stretching power that stuffs her full. The shoot wraps with a well earned Sybian ride and a little naughty talk for Fuckzilla.

File size: 592.0 MB