Handsome hairy cricket star Guy

Release Year: 2020

Handsome hairy cricket star Guy has it too easy. As a rich, privileged and admired athlete people normally fall over themselves to serve him. But here in this filthy locker room he’s taught to serve the demands of a sadistic pervert. In his tight white jock strap his legs are bound together and his hands are encased in thick cricket gear padding to restrict his ability to move. Ordered to plant his tight hairy butt on a series of butt plugs, he moves along inch by painful inch trying to comply with Adrian’s demands or else he feels the sharp sting of the lash on his body. Once he is finally able to sit back with the hard plastic lodged firmly in his anal cavity he is given a hard lesson on how to service a man’s cock. He’s fucked in the mouth vigorously while the butt plug lodges further up his butt until every nerve in his body is stimulated making him painfully aware of what low cock-sucking scum he’s become.

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Duration: 14:21
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