Getting Inside part 2

Young, blonde Lexus White is in need of BDSM…at this point in her early life, she may not even know why she has the desires for bondage and control…she may not know the lessons of submission although she seems very submissive…an unexercised will, or a youthfull will which hasnt been kickstarted does often look and feel submissive…Before her willfull submissive nature can be found, we need to get her will moving…and this is when we begin to see the person behind the play…Dick uses a strict approach and a heavy hand with Lexus…she endures his harsh tests through much personal struggle…quite sincere internal struggles that surface many fragile emotions for Lexus…and when Dick gives her the occasion, what also surfaces is a very sexual creature who oozes orgasms when she is allowed…Because of Lexus’s sincere interest in the BDSM lifestyle, I think this is just one of her first steps in exploring herself and her desires within BDSM…Im glad she gave Dick and DungeonCorp the opportunity to show her a little bit of what lies inside herself.

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