Futilestruggles Pt 19

Release Year: 2019
Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Before I hogtie Gianna, I stuff her mouth with a large sponge and then seal it in with clear tape. I then lift her onto a table face down. I start hogtying her but I have to stop and remove her gag. Gags seem to be her weakness, but to her credit, her nose is pretty stuffed up due to her sobbing. I then continue and she is soon hogtied. Gianna is really struggling to endure her bondage. I make it worse when I tie her head back utilizing the rope I tied in her hair earlier. In addition I tie a rope to the rope connecting her ankles to her upper body and I pull it up and tie it off overhead.
Bad decisions have been the vehicle which have brought her to her current destination. Summer is tied up in an old shed. The door opens and a man walks out with a leash in one hand. At the end, Summer is tightly bound and is forced to hop with her ankles bound and wearing heels. After they make it across the huge yard, she hops up several steps to a dilapidated wooden deck. Summer’s neck is soon being roped to a 6×6 support post
Here’s a clip of what I’d like to see more of in upcoming Contests. I lead Eden and Amanda into the scene on rope leashes. I make them each sit on a chair. I quickly lash them to the chairs with a length of rope around their waists. I tie the leash overhead. I then strap a harness ballgag on Eden. Amanda gets the same treatment. Now that the gags are in place, I remove the waist rope and tighten their neck ropes, forcing them to stand.

Total size: 10.8 GB in 3 files.