Futilestruggles Pt 18

Release Year: 2019
Genres: Busty, crotchrope, ethnic, pantyhose
Video language: English

Gia’s ordeal intensifies greatly when I clover clamp her nipples and then tie them off to the front of the horse with nylons. Her wrists are pulled towards the back of the horse and tied off. Her bondage is brutal with her arms bound with the thin elastic nylons digging deeply into her tender flesh
I finish off a chest harness, before removing her gag. Her arms are taken down and tied behind her back. Her makeup starts to run down her face, but we are just getting started. Courtney is in for a long afternoon. I keep adding more rope and soon her thighs are bound with multiple bands of tightly cinched ropes. I have been working hard getting her to this point, so I take a break and instead have some fun slapping Courtney’s big fake tits. She does not seem to like this one bit, but she seems more agreeable now.
The usual, talking back, interrupting, and not getting her chores done. The clip starts with her standing with her arms bound behind her back. She is neckroped and ball gagged. She is also standing in some very uncomfortable 6 inch heels… almost right from the start you can see that her legs are trembling. After a bit, I enter the room and make her predicament a little worse. Now she has to stand while I grope and smack her tits and ass as I pull her hair and spin her around. I decide to get her bound a little better. Before I start though, I pull her dress off. We now see that she is wearing a pretty lacy bra, garters, stockings, and shiny white satin panties.

Total size: 11.8 GB in 3 files.