Fun At Binds Place – Part 1-2

Release Year: 2020

Here’s another pair of videos from Bind’s place. I must say, I really look forward to visiting Bind in Iowa. I visit him at least twice a year, and in this series of videos I was there for two weeks along with eight other guys. For me and the other guys, this is like a bondage vacation. There is bondage happening day and night, and most everyone sleeps in bondage. During the summer months the Iowa weather is hot and muggy, so it’s no problem to sleep in bondage and be comfortable. Bind has air conditioning but being on the warm side all the time is best because you can wear minimal clothes and be stationary in bondage for long periods without the worry of getting cold.

The comradery among us is fun. We help each other in and out of whatever bondage we want to experience. I encourage everyone to pick up my video camera and shoot a few minutes of each scene, but there is WAY more play than what is shown in these videos. This is similar to bondage parties and events, and private get-togethers in people’s homes.

The only logistical challenge at Bind’s place is that some of us bring a lot of gear. As a result, there are suitcases and piles of gear all over the place, and sometimes your pile of gear needs to be moved in order to make room for a bondage scene that takes up a lot of room. Bind’s house is three floors, plus the jail facility, so after a few days you can forget where you left some of your gear. Bondage seems to happen in every room except for the bathrooms and laundry room, so your stuff can get easily misplaced. Bind also has a 2-car garage which is filled with junk. In the future when the garage is fixed up, it can be yet another place to misplace your gear. I’m not complaining though.

Sometimes we cook meals in Bind’s kitchen and other times we go out. The town is quite small so there are only a few restaurants. As far as I know, there’s only one place that serves breakfast and all the restaurants are within easy walking distance. For me, the only downside is that there’s no place to get a latte without driving 40 miles.

A special thanks to Bind and all the guys for being willing to share their play on video. Both Bind and I are serious 24/7 bondage lifestyle players and run our own websites, so filming the bondage play at these get-togethers helps to pay our rent.

When I first started running my bondage websites, my house was filled with bondage gear and I shot videos in almost every room. As you may recall, I also shot videos on my back deck, in the basement, and on the side of the house too. I had bondage parties and gatherings around the Folsom Fair and Dore Alley when people came to San Francisco. Someone called my house the ‘Serious Bondage Institute’ or SBI, and later we referred to it as just the ‘Institute’. Many guys who didn’t know me and had never been to my house thought that the Serious Bondage Institute (SBI) was a giant warehouse somewhere, setup for bondage play.

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Duration: 36:44
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