Frat Boy Tease – Part 8

Gorgeous frat boy Austin can’t believe what is happening to him. His smooth chest and stomach are crisscrossed with terrible whip wounds. A steel rod is shoved deep up his virgin asshole. Electric current surges into his body every few minutes. Jared continues to whip him – even while he’s being shocked. “I’ll tell you what, pretty boy, this can all stop. All you have to do is suck me off,” Jared says. Austin has never sucked a cock, not even as a pledge. Jared gives him no time to learn the niceties; he shoves his rock-hard cock deep down Austin’s throat. Austin sputters and gags but does his best to please this man. Then the unthinkable happens: Electric current flows into his body while Jared face-fucks him, shocking them both! Jared is so turned on by being shocked through a boy’s body, he busts a huge load of cum all over Austin’s chest – and goes right back to whipping and shocking him, then flips him over and spanks his ass.

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