Fmconcepts Unreal Gold Full Nice Beautifull Mega Collection. Part 6.

Release Year: 2019
Video language: English

he pretty bank officers day ended as it began, with Lindsay futilely writhing against her bonds, though now her beautiful body was divested of clothing, her bare breasts framed with taut black ropes, her arms and legs snared as she whimpered through yet more tape covering her mouth! Between these diverse experiences of restraint, the hours of Lindsays day proceeded in a blur of fear and disbelief! She had to watch Nikki, eyes wide with fear above her gag, left at the mercy of their captor while she dressed and went off to carry out his orders! Unsuccessful at first, Lindsay returned to another encounter with tape that affixed her to a chair before the scheming thug changed his approach and her to strip naked! Sick with fear for both Nikki and herself, Lindsay meekly allowed him to rope her tightly to a railing as she stood shivering, painfully aware of her utter vulnerability! A rope invading her pussy attested to the mocking captors sick sense of humor, but his threats were chillingly serious! At the end of the day, with Lindsay bound and gagged for the last time

Total size: 8.8 GB in 24 files.