First Time – Part 5

Jared has his latest prize, Felix Frost, roped to a chair, the lash marks from his recent whippings still visible on his torso. He slowly tightens a rope around the college boy’s throat – more to scare him than anything else – while smacking his nipples and abs with a riding crop. The young man’s asshole still feels like it has been ripped apart, after being brutally fucked with a huge dildo and repeatedly shocked with increasingly strong surges of electricity. Now Jared makes the boy sit on a huge, ribbed butt-plug. “It’s too big,” the boy squeals as he sinks down on the plug. He’ll be penetrated by it for hours. Jared works the boy’s cock, but Felix is too terrified and in too much pain to get truly hard. “You want the pain to stop?” Jared asks. “Yes, sir, I’ll do anything!” Felix replies. “Show me some cum!” Jared demands. But, before Felix can get his cock to work, Jared re-cuffs his hand; he is so turned on he has to face-fuck Felix immediately. Bound to the chair and impaled by the butt-plug, Felix sucks dick like his life depends on it. Jared orders Felix to bounce up and down on the plug and fuck himself. Oh the pain! Minutes later Jared cums on Felix’s face and makes the boy lick him clean then covers his nipples, navel and ball-sack with clothespins. It finally dawns on Felix: He’s not going anywhere; he now exists to suck cock and experience pain.

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