First Time – Part 4

Felix has lost count of time, drifting in an out of full consciousness. He is not sure how it happened, but he is now strung-up by his wrists, legs spread, like a human X. Jared brings him back to reality by spraying rubbing on the whip wounds already decorating his back and ass. “Aggggggh” Felix screams. Before Felix can catch his breath, Jared begins whipping him again, up and down his back with a short, leather bullwhip. The college boy, with his smattering of chest hair and lean, fit body, looks amazing, the perfect victim. “Please, I’ll do anything you ask,” he begs, as Jared switches to two additional bullwhips: a long, slender one that bites like a wasp and a shorter, supple one that slices like a blade. Soon Felix’s back and ass are so covered with wounds Jared switches to whipping his chest and stomach. The whipping continues even as Felix hangs limp, utterly spent and helpless.

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