First Time – Part 1

Felix Frost seems like just another college kid, despite his odd name, but there is something about him Jared doesn’t like: Despite being young and inexperienced, the kid gives off this sexual energy and confidence. He always wears sleeveless shirts, showing off his “guns” and tattoo. He is innocent at one level but sexy and cocky at another – just the sort of boy Jared wants in his dungeon. So here he is: blindfolded, gagged and spread-eagled on the bondage table, completely unaware of what is about to happen to him, who is about to hurt him and why they want to see him naked, helpless and in agony. “What’s going on?” Felix asks when his tape-gag is removed. Jared responds by shoving a dildo the size of a Coke bottle into his mouth. ”That’s going into your ass,” he announces as Felix chokes and thrashes. Then Jared begins to rip-strip his prize. He first exposes Felix’s nipples and navel, whips them and clamps them with clothespins. Minutes later Felix is completely naked and a man is sucking his cock.

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