Final Consent IV – Part 9

Young Ian has suffered all the tortures mandated by his sentence, but super-sadist Jared doesn’t give a shit; he is totally turned on by this beautiful, blonde twink gasping and squirming in total agony, his lean, young body sliced and marred, his eyes red with tears. Now the kid is simply Jared’s pain slave. “I’m going to fuck you,” Jared says, showing the kid a dildo the size of his forearm. Ian whimpers as Jared shoves the thing deep up his ass. Jared fucks the boy for a half-hour then replaces the dildo with a steel butt plug, attaching electrodes to it and the ring around Ian’s cock and balls. After a dozen shocks, the kid is almost delirious. “Do you want it to stop?” Jared asks with a sneer. “Yes, yes,” Ian replies. “Then show me this thing still works,” he says, pointing at the boy’s cock. Ian, totally exhausted and in great pain, somehow manages to pump-out another load of cum, his body jerking and shuttering. So sexy. But Jared lied; he turns up the voltage and continues shocking the boy until he can’t even moan, just shake like a rag doll.

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