Final Consent IV – Part 8

Ian moans in agony and humiliation as the muscular man torturing takes a break to suck his cock and fondle his wounds – before going right back to whipping him with the single-tail. Ian literally shakes in agony, tears streaking his beautiful face as he gasps and squirms, trying to ready himself for each blow. Finally the whipping is over and Ian allows himself to believe the worst is over. But he is wrong. Jared gets out the wand again – and touches it to Ian’s nipple. The power has doubled! It makes his whip wounds feel like they are being whipped again. Then Jared attaches two electrodes to the steel ring around the base of Ian’s cock and balls. “I’m going to fry that cock, boy,” Jared says, as Ian’s whole body shakes in terror. Seconds later the young Mormon is lifted off the table by the electric current surging into his cock and balls. Such agony, such beauty. When it’s over, the delirious young man barely notices when Jared shoves a finger up his ass.

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