Final Consent IV – Part 6

Poor Ian has never experienced such agony. After six hours on the cross, he is nearly delirious, moaning and gasping, his boyish, fit body shuttering with spasms of pain. If that weren’t bad enough, his penis is painfully stretched by heavy weights. After eight hours, Ian is in a state of shock, nearly . But his ordeal is far from over; if anything, it gets worse. Ian is bolted facedown to a torture table and given some rest. Jared then brutally lashes the boy’s back and ass with a braided, single-tail whip that leaves Ian’s flawless skin crisscrossed with ugly scars. The boy perches-up his bulbous ass as he’s whipped. Such a beautiful site: that perfect, creamy ass begging for the whip. Jared, always the sadist, kisses and licks the boy’s wounds, then goes back to whipping him.

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