Final Consent IV – Part 4

Ian is in agony and trying to focus on what is about to happen to him: He must endure a test of incredible physical endurance, hanging from a wood cross for eight hours. The muscles in his arms, legs and torso will be constantly flexed and tense. His tendons will be stretched, stressed to their limits. The raw whip wounds on his back and ass will against the wood. On top of that, of dreading eight hours of hell, his tormentor, Jared, is fucking with him psychologically. “It took you a longtime to get hard for my master,” Jared tells the boy, then orders him to get hard and cum, with the threat of even worse torture hanging over his head if he fails. Jared is totally turned on by the naked youth, his abs quivering in fear. He can’t keep his hands of the boy’s smooth body and hard dick. Ian finally busts a load of cum all over his abs, only to have Jared cum on him too. Then the boy, dripping with cum and shaking with fear, is crucified.

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