Final Consent IV – Part 3

Ian can’t believe what is happening to him. He knew that as the first part of his punishment he’d be stripped naked and whipped, but he had no idea he’d also feel the intense pain of splashed on fresh wounds or be stretched up onto his toes and left in agony for hours. When he’s finally lowered to the ground, he collapses, whimpering. At least, he tells himself, the whipping is over. He’s wrong. His torture will be much, much worse than he imagined. He is immediately lifted up again – this time by the ankles, upside-down – and flogged even harder. Plus, he is brutally fucked while inverted: a massive, ridged dildo is shoved deep into his ass, between his spread legs. Then the whipping resumes – while he is penetrated! “You are mine,” Jared sneers. He clearly enjoys torture-fucking such an innocent beauty.

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