Feisty Girls Grabbed & Hogtied & Driven Off

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Giving Sun and I are walking around what we think is a safe part of the neighborhood. A truck is following us and doesn’t stop. We hell, we flip the truck the middle finger, and we stop walking. Maybe we should’ve ran but instead, the 2 men get out of the truck and grab us and take us out of sight. The next thing we know, we are hogtied in the back of the pickup truck getting gagged with a knotted bandana. We protest, we moan, we cry but the truck starts up and drives us away as we struggle in our binds in the back of the truck. Nature is flying around us and we don’t know where we are being taken or why. Giving Sun and I soon get one of our hands loose but the men realize this, stop the truck and one comes back to reinforce our hogtie with the tape they handy. The evil man giggle the entire time. I think there is something wrong with him as my comments and me yelling at him to stop continue, even under my new wrap around tape gag. Giving sun is so feisty that once the truck starts driving us further way, she gets her hands loose again and starts to help me get loose from the tape and rope. We have a very hard time get our binds off. Themen realize we are trying to escape. I guess they were looking for more submissive woman as they decide to ditch us feisty bitches in the middle of nowhere in the pitch black and let us fend for ourselves as they drive away. We need to get out of here as we work on getting our ankles untied as or sneakers go flying. I rip both of our gags off and as soon as we are able to run, we run fast as I go falling onto the ground but i don’t care..we need to get the heck out of here before those evil men change their minds!

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Duration: 16:01
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