Face covered in piss for Kieran

Release Year: 2020

Kieran may look hot and intimidating in his uniform, but once Toby strips him down naked and ties him to a chair so he can have his own sadistic fun with him Kieran is much more vulnerable. It takes a while for the masculine stud to come around so Toby gets his attention by spraying his face with piss. Kieran moans in anger under his gag thinking he’s still in charge. Toby establishes who is the dominant one here by flogging his body all over till his skin blazes scarlet. The officer trembles with fear and the acute pain as his nipples are clamped and tied to his legs. Toby eases his body back so the vicious fuckers snap off. He then attaches pegs to his tender cock and nuts using his flogger to easily flick them off causing Kieran a maximum amount of pain.

While his genitals are weighed down Toby rams his finger repeatedly up his arsehole. The tough officer whimpers pathetically at being so intruded. Through Toby’s wicked bondage techniques every nerve in Kieran’s body has been stimulated making him hyper-aware and incredibly sensitive to the touch.

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Duration: 17:22
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