Employee Discipline – Nyxon string Alternative – Scene 2 – HD 720p

Eric binds nyxon into a reverse prayer with zip ties. He explains how to use the smaller ties for cinching. He then uses them to bind her fingers. He unfastens her blazer and blouse and starts squeezing and smacking her tits. Then he grabs a Giant bouncy ball and explains that some of the high end ball gags can run you $40, but a $1.29 ball and some tape will be just as effective. He tapes the ball in and then continues pinching her nipples to demonstrate its effectiveness. He leaves nyxon to endure the bondage while the cameras get different views and angles, so the viewer at home can get a better idea of what Eric has done. The clip cuts to Eric holding 2 pairs of panties. He explains that they have a drawing in the office, and the winners remove their panties. These panties are then used to gag nyxon. In they go. They are then sealed in with more clear tape. He gropes her a bit more before he rolls up a pallet and jack. He places nyxon on it. He hogties her with more zipties and then steps away once again while the camera gets different angles and close ups. Eric returns and explains that he is taking nyxon to the employee break room so the other employees can , poke, and grope her bound and gagged body. He says goodbye and walks away pulling the pallet O’ nyxon.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 31:31
Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9, 5956kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 1.4 GB