Elizabeth Andrews – Strenuous desk tie in leather boots

It was another day at the office. I walked in with my notebook to see what tasks were on my to-do list. I was wearing a white shiny blouse, wet look leggings and knee high leather boots. I sat down in my chair and let my hands roam over the leather. I loved the way they felt under my fingers. Time slipped by as I enjoyed my boots. Mr. Big Boss came into my office and told me he had a tie he wanted to try. I asked him if it was for fun or punishment. He replied fun but after experiencing the tie, I’m sure there was a mix of punishment in there as well.Mr. Big Boss started this tie with a chest harness. Binding my arms behind my back came soon after. While I had the opportunity, I grabbed my ass and moved my semi bound arms up and down my curves. He finished my arm bondage with a tight upper wrist tie, pinning my wrists into one another. I could feel the tight string digging into my skin. The imprints of the string in my flesh would be harsh when we were finished. With my arms bound behind my back, Mr. Big Boss spun me around to face him.He shoved the ball of a bishop gag deep into my mouth. He left the bishop panel unbuckled as he tighten the straps in the back. Mr. Big Boss then came around and buckled the panel, stretching the leather tight across my lips.I then found myself kneeling on top of my desk. The Boss made me support my weight on my left knee while he instructed me to post on my right foot. He tied my right thigh off to my chest harness, making me to bend my knee at a 90 degree angle.Mr. Big Boss tied a string around my left ankle and threaded it through my elbow tie, hoisting my booted ankle up off the desk. I found myself fighting to stay balanced. I grunted behind the bishop gag as drool collected around the ball. The boss was nice enough to give me something to place under the knee that supported my weight. I was thankful for that and would have to make it up to him at a later point, perhaps a visit under his desk?The Boss added one last string to my predicament. He tied a string around the boot I was posted up on and tied it back to the sole of the boot that was lifted in the air. If I moved one of my legs, then the other would shift as well, throwing me completely off balance. Mr. Big Boss tried to test this theory many times during the duration of the tie. He groped my breasts hard, grabbed at my ass and throat, and ran his hands down my legs. But even through my muffled pleas,

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