Elizabeth Andrews : Kept Bound All Day

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Elizabeth walked into Mr Big Boss’s office noticing something very weird. The calendar for him was suspiciously empty of any sort of engagement. She asked him why that was and he answered that he’d put aside a day to keep her bound and gagged instead of working. She mentioned that she still has work to do even if he doesn’t and that she can’t spend all day bound and gagged. Mr Big Boss tells her that he’ll gladly go delegate the work for her and she’ll not have to worry. She reluctantly agrees and her day of being bound and gagged begins. First she’s placed into a column tie that consists of wrist, elbow and ankle ropes. She’s ballgagged with a large red ball and left to struggle a bit while Mr Big Boss goes off and delegates her tasks for the rest of the day but not before another rope is added as a harness to her upper body pulling her shoulders back. She struggles in her tight pink skirt and black top a bit showing off her assets quite nicely. She wiggles back onto his desk and seats herself to take the burden off her feet in her very high heels. Eventually Mr Big Boss returns and takes a seat at his desk groping and fondling her for a bit. After a bit he heads out again to make sure that things are being done in her stead and she starts struggling again in earnest eventually working her way to the floor before he returns.

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Duration: 29:13
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